ScHoolboy Q – CrasH Talk [Full Album]

Listen to ScHoolboy Q’s new album below:


Elon Musk Drops a new song called RIP HARAMBE??? (WTF)

First we all have to endure the wave of IG comedians turning into horrendous rappers and now we got this bullshit… Yo Musk your stocks are about to shit themselves because of this… Just sayin… What a weird day.

(P.S. Harambe died years ago you are a tad late homie…)

nZo (aka Enzo Amore) – Virgil (Prod by DJ Relentt)

nZo, Enzo Amore, Real1, he goes by a lot of names but do not let that distract you from the fact that he just released a new track that is actually really dope! He went in over a DJ Relentt beat and it is knocking.

Stream it on Soundcloud below or on all other platforms. Here is the link he has in his bio –

Lil Uzi Vert – Free Uzi

Download this track here.